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Tbilisi – Capital of Georgia - MBBS in Tbilisi

Georgia is the sovereign state located in Eurasia, in the Caucasus region. Tbilisi – the capital of Georgia is the one of the oldest cities in Georgia before Tbilisi, its capital was Mtskheta was its regal capital till 5th century. And talking about education there, it is the home of many big institutions and most famous are their medical universities. Their is something very worth in case of students who want to study MBBS. Tbilisi medical university is the most famous one and every year there are 35000 students enrolled their and there is over 5000 staff members. There are many recognized universities in Tbilisi.

Tbilisi is the most newest and trending destination for the students to do MBBS there. It was not as popular before 2010 but now it’s the new upcoming destination. The reason is the students who wanted to do MBBS in European countries always prefer either Ukraine or Russia. Most of the students dream to pursue MBBS in Europe so for them Tbilisi is the good placed. There are many WHO recognized universities in Tbilisi. Some are:    


All the MBBS universities in Tbilisi offer the whole education in English language so there is no major problem of language. And you not need to worry more as universities recommended by yash overseas will not have any language issues and the whole study would be in English.

Tbilisi State Medical University Admission process:

The admission process offered by yash overseas for MBBS in Georgia is very simple you just need to follow our steps and give the following documents.

  • Mark sheet of 10th and 12th
  • School leaving certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Migration certificate
  • Passport size photos
  • Passport
  • Medical certificate
Benefits of doing MBBS in Tbilisi:

Benefits of doing MBBS in Tbilisi:

  • No IELTS and no TOEFL required for MBBS in Tbilisi.
  • The fees structure for MBBS in Tbilisi is very releasable.
  • The whole education is in English language.
  • There is no upper age limit for the students.  
  • Students can pay their fee semester wise.
  • Specialized training in the college from the first year itself.
  • Indian and Asian food easily available. 
  • Travel expenses and cost of living is very cheap in Tbilisi.
  • The universities in Tbilisi take two intakes march and September.
  • Separate hostel facilities for girls and boys.
  • The students who are having academic gap are also given admission.
  • Tbilisi has diverse weather suitable to everyone.
Cost of living in Tbilisi

Tbilisi State Medical University Fees

Expenses USD dollars (minimum)
Housing 80$
Food 80$
Transportation 10$
Clothing 25$
Sports and leisure 20$
Communication 30$
Total 245$  

The weather in Tbilisi is slightly humid. Typically winter is mildly cold and summer is normal.  The average annual temperature in Tbilisi is 12.5 °C, and the temperature in January is 0.8 °C and in July it is 24.3 °C.

The minimum record of temperature in Tbilisi is -24 °C and the maximum temperature is 40 °C. The wettest month there is May and the driest month is January. The snowfall average is 20-25 days per year. North and northwesterly winds dominate throughout the year. Southeasterly winds are common as well. 

Indian Restaurants in Tbilisi

  • Maharaja restaurant
  • Taj Mahal Restaurant
  • Spice Garden Restaurant
  • Taste Of India
  • Red Chillies The Real Indian Taste
  • Chilli Pepper
  • Karachi Darbar Restaurant Tbilisi
  • Spice Lounge Restaurant
  • Indian Express Tbilisi
  • Bollywood Masala Indian Restaurant
Indian Restaurants in Tbilisi

Time difference

Time difference of India and Tbilisi :- (India is 1 hour and 30 minutes ahead of Tbilisi.)