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Why Georgia is better than other country?

There are many beneficial sides of studying MBBS in Georgia; among the course duration is the foremost from our point of view. Universities of Georgia offer MBBS course of 5 years duration, whereas other countries have certainly longer duration like, MBBS in Russia is about 6 years, MBBS in Ukraine is about 5.8 years, MBBS in Philippines is about 5.5 Years and MBBS in Kyrgyzsthan is about 6 years. The conclusion is MBBS in Russia apparently mitigating your 1 years of study and expense too and therefore Georgia is better in all the conditions than other country.

Does these 5 years duration incorporates internship?

For the internship student requires to clear MCI or FMGE screening test, only after he/she is eligible for the internship in the respective country, which is excluded from the 5 years duration of MBBS course in Georgia. There is no single college who offers the course, including internship, and who ensures are only misguiding you.

Why Georgia is better


medical course in Georgia
What degree will I get after completing medical course in Georgia?

The degree awarded by the Georgian medical university is named MD (Medical Doctor).

Is there any difference between MD in Georgia and MBBS in India?

There are mainly two study pattern that the world follows, one is USA based and other is UK, the countries who follow medical education pattern of the USA give the degree of MD, whereas the others who follow medical education pattern of the UK give the degree of MBBS, there is no other difference between MD and MBBS and hence both are equivalent and are accepted by the all the countries.


After having MD degree from the Georgian university, what are the job prospects in at there?

The student who has completed his/her MBBS from the Georgian university can immediately start job in any of the Schengen countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland) and other country as well. The universities to which we are associated in Georgia are all recognized by the WHO, Georgian health ministry as well as European Medical Council and hence the student who has MD degree from the Georgia is eligible to work in the country he/she wants.

How much time it takes to reach Georgia?

Almost 7 hours to reach the capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi



MCI screening
How about the MCI screening test?

The MCI screening test is of 300 points and all the question pattern in the MCI screening test is MCQ type. A student requires a minimum 50% to clear the screening test (150 points). The MCI screening test pattern is easy and hence students can easily clear without extra efforts. The test is conducted twice a year and hence student can appear in any of as per their convenience.


What is the currency of Georgia?

The currency of the Georgia is Lari, and 1 lari = 27.5 INR approx.

Can anyone go with student in Georgia?

Definitely yes, parents or anyone can go with the student; however, the cost of living would be extra for that individual. Further, parents are also entitled to visit the college as well as hostel in Georgia without any restriction.

How parents can send money to their child in Georgia?

Georgia provides ATM facility and hence parents can deposit the money in the account, which student can access from any of the ATM in Georgia. However, students must have an international ATM card of any nationalized Indian bank.

What is the currency of Georgia


parcel is permitted in Georgia
Is parcel is permitted in Georgia?

Yes, parents are free to send parcels to their loved ones through any company providing courier service.

What if student feels sick in college campus?

The Georgian college is famous for taking care of all the sides, the colleges have own hospitals and doctors who take care of students during the sickness.

How much time the entire process can take?

The processing time may vary in small extent, however generic time the process takes is 60 days (2 months) to process the visa, and hence approx 2.5 months to fulfill all the formalities.


What is the time of admission?

The Georgian universities generally have two batches, and hence student can apply for admission in either October/November or match/April.

Every year how many students take admission in Georgian university to study MBBS?

The data reveals that every year approx 500 Indian students take admission in the different medical universities of Georgia and which is gradually increasing day by day.

Are Georgian medical universities providing scholarship?

Yes, medical universities of Georgia provide scholarship to the students based on the merit from the second year of the study. The scholarship is solely based on the performance of the individual and may vary from 25% to 50%.

Georgian universities generally


medical universities of the Georgia
Are the medical universities of the Georgia is recognized at world level?

The medical universities of Georgia are covered in the list generated by the WHO and we are associated with the universities that are recognized at the world level, to check in regard click


What if a student fails to pass in respective subject?

There will not be any gap in the study, if the student does not clear specific subject, semester or years, however, students require to get minimum passing grades at the end of the degree in every subject to get the certificate.

Can students apply for the PG medical entrance after completing MBBS in Georgia?

Students are eligible for the PG medical entrance; however, they have to clear MCI screening test ahead of.


Is the student required to do internship again to practice in India?

No students do not required to again do internship to practice in India, what they need is to clear the MCI screening test only.

Can student work during the MBBS in Georgia?

Yes, students are entitled to work during their study as per the law.

student work during the MBBS in Georgia