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Interestingly Georgia is not called Georgia by Georgians, They call their country as ?Sakartvelo?.

The insight of Georgia

a balcony of Europe

Georgia - located in the Eurasia (in mid of Europe and Asia) is a treasure of nature, surrounded by a by mountains, rivers, valleys and meadows that get into your heart and becomes an unforgettable experience eternally. The interesting architectural developments and touch of the cultural heritage makes it more heavenly place for students and hence is also reckoned as the gem between Europe and Asia. Additionally, excellent ambience, humanity and kindness of the citizens make it a more cheerful place to live in for students willing to study MBBS in Georgia.

Other than, being the best loved country for its glory and compassion, world class quality education and a bundle of other perks to study in Georgia is a root cause for the notable number of Indian students making Georgia their preference to study MBBS in Georgia.


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low fees structure mbbs in georgia


Climate in Georgia

Our aim is to resolve every confusion of the student aspire to study MBBS in Georgia and hence we strived to cover every concern that generally arise in the students? mind while evaluating and there are many students to whom climate is a concern ahead of the decision, which is not at all a matter of concern as the climate of the Georgia is humid subtropical with warm to hot summers and comparatively cold winters. Indian students go to Georgia require less time to set in the climate as the difference of the climate is quieter, can be verified by the below mentioned data of annual weather report.

The average annual temperature of the Georgia is 12.7 ?C (54.9 ?F), temperature in the winter drops to 0.9 ?C (33.6 ?F), whereas rises to 24.4 ?C (75.9 ?F) in the summers.

Activities for a Student in Georgia:

Recreation is essential to be happy and feel great during the study and student who are going to sign up in the Georgian universities can get the privilege of thereof, as Georgia universities care for student and to empower students hold different indoor and outdoor sporting activities. All the sports are largely based on the snow and water, which students can enjoy during their MBBS in Georgia. These recreational activities in Georgia are aimed to reduce stress, boost self esteem and improve brain function, release of happiness hormones and strengthen the immune system of the students and hence help them concentrate on study more precisely. Other than sports, there are a number of places in Georgia that are well developed for the picnic and get together, where students can easily go and enjoy with their mates and friends and get refreshment at the end of the day. And but obvious Cinemas, Restaurants, Amusement Parks, and Shopping Malls are the very common to find out in the Georgia to make your day happy and great.


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Application Assistance to Study MBBS in Georgia

Application Assistance to Study MBBS in Georgia

Applying for the interested university is a long and complex process in terms of documentation, which incorporates all the important data other than application form that exhibits your academic as well as personal characteristics. We as a foreign education consultant help fill up the application form of the respective university as well as other foremost documents essential to be appended with the application form, including SOP (Statement of Purpose), RECO (Recommendation Letter), resume, etc. The mode of application is solely a student choice, online or postal sending we stand beside you in every phase of the application.

Reason to select us for MBBS in Georgia :-
make your vision more clear and strong with us

The world has introduced many top class universities that promise for the best education, and selecting the one that can benefit farthest in all terms is an obvious objective of the students making huge investments on their studies. However, lack of reliable sources, develops an unending dilemma in students for university selection that continues and impose student to select one with the set of doubts.

We as a foreign education consultant are here to end up sort of questions and confusions of the students willing to study MBBS in Georgia by proposing thorough details associated with the MBBS in Georgia, and its future prospect in order to make your selection of the university as easy as ABC.


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Why MBBS in Georgia?

Why MBBS in Georgia?

There are many more bright sides of the Georgia that has made it the favorite destination to study MBBS in Georgia for many years. The excellent experience of the bygone students and their glorious career has amplified the number of Indian students in the Georgia since 2011. According to the data provided by one of the accredited universities, the total numbers of international students studying MBBS in Georgia, of these 80% are citizens of India, manifestly exhibits the rapidly increasing interest of the Indian students in the Georgia to study MBBS.

Lower Cost than India & Other Countries:

The universities of the Georgia are providing the world class quality course of the MBBS at almost one fourth fees versus you spend in India for MBBS. The reason for the low cost of the medical universities in Georgia is the high number of government and non government medical universities that only charges affordable tuition fees to study MBBS in Georgia. Further, unlikely to India there is no donation and hidden charges you need to pay other than the tuition fee, apparently diminish the cost of studying MBBS in Georgia and thusly makes Georgia a cheaper alternative to study MBBS than India & other countries.

The low tuition fee is not only the reason for being well loved among the Indian students, there is much more than the fees, which has made the Georgia a dream place to study MBBS.


 top medical universities in georgia

Lower Cost of Living:

The government and non government hostels with the all facilities like 24 hours hot and cold shower, AC, fan, heater are available at notably cheaper rates. There is no travelling cost for the students living in the university hotels, as are located inside the compound only, whereas private hotels are also very nearer to the university compounds that evidently slashes the traveling expense. The in house canteens in Georgia serving all Indian dishes of the highest quality at the lower rates, which also helps you save your pocket expenses. The conclusion is living in Georgia is not a fat money affair, is indeed quite easy on pockets, very clear from the average food and living expenses ($250 approx), is far lower than the other countries.


Globally Reputed Medical Universities:

The Georgia is one of the countries having the extensive list of medical universities which has secured their rank in the world?s top medical universities other than recognition from the well known government bodies, including WHO, MCI, European Council, FAIMER, WHME, UNESCO, etc. The courses offered by the medical universities of Georgia are world standards and also recognized by the prominent bodies of the medical department, hence, the degree medical degree awarded by the medical universities of the Georgia is accredited worldwide and entitle to practice in any nook of the world without additional hassles


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The top medical universities of Georgia are:

[Name of universities]

High-Quality Education:

High quality education is paramount concern for any student and this is what you can experience by studying MBBS in Georgia. The advanced teaching method in conjunction with WHO compliance medical course design, the experienced and qualified staff of the international professors is what has raised the bar of the medical education in Georgia. The world level course, knowledge of the highly educated professors, emphasis on the practical knowledge, state of the art libraries, laboratories and medical equipment is everything you can experienced by studying MBBS in Georgia. Every student in Georgia is treated equally, be it local or international, hence there is no scope of discrimination enables Indian student to get all the benefits that other students versus other countries.


No IELTS, No TOFEL, No Entrance Exam:

Study MBBS in Georgia is win-win decision for the students aspiring append Dr. in their name as unlikely to other countries, students looking forward to study MBBS in Georgia no need to worry about the language proficiency test, as medical universities of Georgia do not demand any certification of the English proficiency. Other than, there is no anxiety of the clearing any medical entrance exam like MCAT, JEE, GCET, etc, that makes the inroad to study MBBS in Georgia easier and stress free for students


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MBBS in Georgia

No Barrier of Language:

Learning another language is like becoming another person and that is a weighty barrier that intercepts students to get enrolled in the non English countries. But when it is Georgia, you no need to worry anymore as medical universities of the Georgia provide an MBBS course in the English too, and that is one of the substantial causes of students? attraction that completely wipes out the agony of learning new language and let students focus more on the objective that is to outperform in the MBBS.


Safe and Secure Country:

Undoubtedly, the Georgia is stated as one of the safest country where students can feel absolutely safe and parents can rest assured when it comes to safety measures. A good patrolling throughout the days and nights and CCTV surveillance across the cities prevents crimes in the cities makes you feel safe and secured and hence can travel through bus, trains and cabs at anytime without worry. Further, there is no suspicious behavior experienced, stated by the former students during their study in the country, is a more reliable statement on which students can trust. The people have congenial, polite and helpful nature and all time ready to help international students without any discrimination and thusly students gets completely healthy atmosphere to focus on study without roubles and hassles.


study medicine in georgia at very low cost


study medicine in georgia
Best Public Transit Facilities:

Georgia?s public transit facilities is considered to be one of the best in the Europe and hence students who are looking forward for the Georgia to study MBBS rest assured about the transportation, as all you going to experience is the seamless service experience all through. The trains are cheaper and popular for the transportation that basically all people prefer, whereas metro is also available at all prime places to commute. Other than, you will find buses, cars, taxis, minibuses for travelling across the cities and inter cities help students to easily commute between two cities at considerably low cost that definitely match with your pockets and therefore is absolutely perfect place for the foreign students to study MBBS in Georgia.


Best Accommodation Alternatives in Georgia:

The accommodation facilities is something that students worried about, which is equally paramount as the selecting the university and the course, but what if your selected college ends up in a pokey room that is having no extra space and facilities. Well, when it is a matter of the Georgian universities, you no need to be any more skeptical to embark a new life in Georgia. The universities of Georgia offer well maintained accommodation at prime location with facilities including heater, A.C, 24 hours hot and cold water, Clean, Internet / Wi-Fi and hence students willing to study MBBS in Georgia is not at all a matter of worry. Other than, we possess hotels with all the luxuriousness, which can be an extra perk for of availing our service to study MBBS in Georgia. Additionally, we have linked with authorized agents helping you proffer extensive alternatives in accommodation incorporating, Hotels, lodges, home stay with a host family, private apartment and so as you can opt the best that fulfills all your necessities.


Studying MBBS in Georgia


Jobs While Studying MBBS in Georgia:

Jobs While Studying MBBS in Georgia:

We as a foreign education consultant are very well familiar with students? financial problems, while studying in the foreign countries and earning while studying can promote you while studying and if you are the one seeking for the country that entitles jobs while studying than nothing can be better than the Georgia, where students are permitted to work. Students are eligible to work four hours on college days, whereas 40 hours during non college weeks. The laws for the working, perhaps differ as the age group, but the good thing is students can earn and study at a time and pay for their tuition fee themselves, what can be more pleasant than thereof.

MCI Approved Medical Universities in Georgia

The answer to biggest concern of the Indian students is, yes Georgia boasts set of medical universities those are acknowledged by the MCI (medical council of India), indeed international bodies in the USA, UK and all other prominent countries in the world and therefore students studying in the Georgia are eligible to appear in the screening test of the respective country and allow to practice their after completing the MBBS in Georgia. Students who are still concerned about the MCI recognition are advised to check the list on the site of the respective country. Further, students will be eligible to sit for licensing examination such as USMLE and as far as universal license is cleared, the student will be eligible to practice anywhere in the world.


List of MCI Approved Medical Universities in Georgia:


Easy Admission & Eligibility:

The combination of our knowledge and support as well as No IELTS, no TOFEL, no entrance exam and lessen number of formalities made the MBBS in Georgia an easy processing experience for students. Other than lenient eligibility criteria helps thousands of students to pursue an admission in their dream course. Students willing to study MBBS in Georgia are required to fulfill the below mentioned criteria and at the meeting the criteria, students can straightly apply in the respective university to study MBBS, without any extra affairs like IELTS, TOFEL.

  • Students belong to open category require 50% aggregate of physics, chemistry and biology, whilst students belong to SC/ST category require 45% aggregate of physics, chemistry and biology
  • Passing marks in the English language is must
  • Students applying for the MBBS in Georgia must have 17 years completed ahead of 31st DEC
  • Student must speak English, French, or Romanian or Bulgarian or follow one year preparatory course
  • The medical certificate that denotes students are mentally as well as physically fit is essential
  • If you are meeting the above outlined criteria than get set to fly and study MBBS in Georgia, for the further procedure and information in regard, contact us today.


MCI Approved Medical Universities in Georgia

Universities of Georgia are accredited by
  • Georgia Ministry of education
  • MCI - Medical council of India
  • WHO - World health organization
  • WFME - World federation of medical education
  • ECFMG - Educational commission for foreign medical graduates
  • FAIMER - Foundation for advancement of international medical education and research


A spotlights on the benefits that undoubtedly going to make your sight clear to study MBBS in Georgia:
  • You just pay tuition fee and no donations
  • Fast and easy Visa processing
  • Admission Letter in just a few days
  • No entrance exam to study MBBS in Georgia
  • No embassy interview for Visa
  • Different scholarships for international students
  • Worldwide accredited degree of MBBS
  • Almost similar weather condition to India
  • 10,000+ international students studying in Georgia
  • Easy Visa renewal on yearly basis
  • International students are welcomed and well treated
  • European Council, UNESCO, WHO recognized courses
  • No Requirement of IELTS/TOEFL
  • Low tuition (college) fees and low living cost
  • English as the medium of instruction
  • Experienced and proficient faculty of MBBS
  • Accredited by MCI, USMLE, FMGE
  • European life standard
  • Work is permitted with MBBS
  • Interestingly Gap in studies acceptable
  • Excellent job opportunities after competing MBBS
  • Practical perspective teaching all through


Career Scope after MBBS in Georgia

It is the professional field with 100% job placement.

The demand of the MBBS is not going to end up in the nearer future, indeed it is going to increase day by day, as the diseases are on the rise worldwide. Therefore, students rest assured for their career prospects, it is bright and abundant after completing MBBS in Georgia.

MBBS course provided in the Georgia is accredited by all the international bodies, incorporating European Council, UNESCO and WHO and hence student who completes MBBS from any of Georgian medical universities are eligible to practice in any country followed by clearing medical screening test. Further Georgian universities pay significant attention on different qualities that a doctor should have and strive to develop for the better career prospect and success, including developing the diagnosing ability by emphasis more on practical, developing seriousness towards responsibility, developing self confidence, developing communication skill as well as counseling skill to interact politely with patients.

Students with MBBS degree can have their private clinic, which is a much known career scope after completing MBBS in Georgia. However, there are many more career alternatives that students can opt after completing MBBS in Georgia. With the degree of the MBBS, students are also eligible to work with medical college, nursing home, Health Corporation, medical health society, medical consultancy, health ministry and Pharmaceutical industries. Other than, working with the government hospitals or private health firm as a physician is also a lucrative option for the students.

Students who are looking for the PG also have extensive options to select from, is as below, exhibits the notable career prospects for the students who have completed MBBS in Georgia.



A student who wants to pursue further study also has an extensive career selection; a student pursues a PG degree by enrolling in the M.D or M.S in the same country or in any other country, is a most familiar field that students select after MBBS. This post graduation course also proffers a wide variety of the specialization, student need to select a particular for their PG, among internal medicine, general surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, etc. The MD/MS post graduation course is about 3 years, whereas the diploma PG is 2 years of course.


Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University


David Agmashenebeli University of Georgia

Combined Medical Services (CMS)

Students who have completed their MBBS in Georgia are eligible to appear in the UPSC exam conducted in India and can get recruited through UPSC and reap the welfare of the UPSC CMS. This is one of the best options for the students who are seeking for a permanent job with the government and seize the opportunity to be a part of an administrative crew of the hospital.



MBA is the elite option for students who are more inclined towards the management can enroll in the MBA course after completing MBBS in Georgia. The demand of the MBA is gradually increasing in the private hospitals and pharma organizations and hence one can privilege thereof by enrolling in MBA.





Clinical Research

Clinical research is the excellent field for the students who are willing to continue their career in the research after MBBS in Georgia. There are many colleges/universities worldwide, providing clinical research course that is accredited by the international bodies too. More pleasantly, students who have degree of clinical research have the bright opportunity to work with WHO and many other organizations.


Masters in Health Administration (MHA)

A student who complete MBBS in Georgia can carve their future in the health administration by pursuing 3 years MD in health administration, that entitle students to develop skills required in managing big hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, etc. and can earn a lucrative amount.

  M. Tech in Biomedical Engineering and Biological Sciences

Students who have more intent to build your career in the medical machines, then M. tech in biomedical engineering is the best bet for you, which can be pursued after completing MBBS in Georgia. After completing the M.Tech student is eligible to inroad in medical machines, developing machines and instruments.





Masters in Medical Science and Technology (MMST)

Students who are looking to develop their career in extraordinary field, then masters in medical science and technology can be the ideal one for you after MBBS in Georgia. The MMST course after MBBS can help you pursue your career in thereof.

Masters in Public Health

The master in public health can be pursued after MBBS course, which is also a good alternative after MBBS in Georgia. Students who want to develop their skills to lead change and make a difference in worldwide communities, nothing can be better than MPH (master in public health).

MBBS Course / Process / Requirements

Course Duration of MBBS in Georgia

The course offered by the Georgian university to study MBBS is a 6 year with internship, and is separated in the semester pattern. The medium of instruction throughout would be English; hence students coming from the other countries not need to learn the regional language. Further, the evaluation is accomplished as per the 100 point system as other universities evaluate.

Aims of the program
  • Emphasis more on practicing in order to impart better problem solving skills
  • Have developed small groups to better focus on each learning student
  • Every module is designed as per the syllabus
  • Provide world quality knowledge in medicine and practice
Process of Admission to study MBBS in Georgia

The process of admission is easy with us, we as a foreign education consultant stand beside you in every stage of the admission process at the end of your study and ensures you absolutely worry free experience during MBBS in Georgia.

  • Preparation of documents
  • Apply in the respective university
  • Receiving an acceptance letter
  • Pay fees for university registration
  • Approval from the respective university for the transfer fees
  • Apply for visa
  • Visa receiving
  • Book flight on visa receiving


Masters in Public Health

The master in public health can be pursued after MBBS course, which is also a good alternative after MBBS in Georgia. Students who want to develop their skills to lead change and make a difference in worldwide communities, nothing can be better than MPH (master in public health).


List of requirements to study MBBS in Georgia

What are the application requirements to study MBBS in Georgia?

In most universities, foreign students are admitted on the basis of an interview, and only a few universities require IELTS in order to follow a degree programme taught in English. Usually, only an official document from your school attesting your understanding level of English speaking as acceptable is sufficient.

Universities request these documents for application to MBBS in Georgia:
  • Filled in application form
  • Attested photocopy of 10+2 mark sheet
  • Date of birth certificate
  • Migration certificate
  • Under age certificate (if required)
  • Name change certificate (if name change in passport and class x11)
  • Passport sized photographs
  • Photocopy of the identification pages of your passport
  • A medical certificate that states that the student is in sound physical and mental conditions

MBBS in Georgia Fee Structure

Sr no Universities University status fee 1st year fee 2nd to 6 th year Total Fee?
1 European University? Private 5,000 3,25,000 5,000 3,25,000 30,000 19,50,000
2 Caucasus International University Private 5,000 3,25,000 5,000 3,25,000 30,000 19,63,000
3 University Geomedi Private 3,500 2,24,000 3,500 2,24,000 26,250 17,06,250
4 Ivane Javakhishvili tbilisi state university Government? 6,000 3,90,000 6,000 3,90,000 36,000 23,40,000
5 Akaki Tsereteli state university Government? 5,000 3,25,000 3,825 2,48,625 24,125 15,68,125
6 Tbilisi state university? Government? 6,000 3,90,000 6,000 3,90,000 36,000 23,40,000
7 New vision university Private 5,000 3,25,000 4,500 2,92,500 27,500 17,87,500
8 University of Georgia? Government? 6,000 3,90,000 6,000 3,90,000 36,000 23,40,000
9 Batumi shota rustaveli state university? Government? 6,000 3,90,000 6,000 3,90,000 36,000 23,40,000
Visa Requirements to Study MBBS in Georgia

Getting an acceptance letter from the university is not the end of your efforts towards your aim, Georgian student visa is another obligatory document that one is required to ensure their ticket for the Georgia. If a guardian is ready to sponsor for a visa at your end, the letter of recommendation with sponsor details is an obligatory task that the student required to accomplish. Other than, below mentioned documents required to obtain a Georgian visa.

Documents Required for Georgian Student Visa:
  • Invitation letter from the respective university / Letter of Acceptance
  • Completely filled visa application form with passport sized photograph
  • Ministry letters
  • Photocopy of the valid passport
  • Fees receipt / certified payment for a visa
  • Proof of date of birth
  • Travel insurance
  • Financial documents
  • Bank statement of the last 6 months
  • Confirmed return tickets
  • Accommodation details letter
  • Certificate of Medical Fitness