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MCI Approved Medical University in Georgia

Admission Services

University Admission – a decisive point of career

Getting an admission into the prominent university without guidance can be a risky as every university has a limited seats and high vying of the students to get it. To this point time and preparation of all the required documents can be a decisive, and therefore a help of experts can be a wise decision to get the job done in your favor. We as a foreign education consultant provide thorough service and support in order to secure your admission seat in the envied university by means of our experience and expertise. Our team of the consultants works closely with you to determine your needs and preferences and duly match institutions with those preferences. We have that power and skills to encourage and support you all the way to get guaranteed admission in the best university of Georgia to study MBBS.


Profiling of Student – a way to get closer to student

In order to find out the best matched university for the student, it is essential to know the student and its background profoundly and profiling is the best approach that lets us be closer to the student. We accumulate all the data and thoughts of the students, including their academic details, aspiration, attitude, budget and all the other information that is substantial for us to know the student inside out and propose the best complimenting universities to their needs. Our experience in counseling 500+ students in regard is an extra perk that enable us to understand students quickly and suggest the most relevant university to study MBBS in Georgia.


University/State Selection Assistance

Knowing the place is equally significant when you are going to study outside of the country and no one can detail you better about the place than us. We are partnered with the foremost medical universities of the Georgia, which all are located in the different cities/state of the Georgia. There is no one better than experience and which is we have, as we frequently visit our partnered universities enable us to know every city, weather, culture and lifestyle profoundly and leveraging on the thereof we can help students to detail about the place they are concerned. At the point of grappling, we are also helping student to bottleneck choice and advise the city/state that can fit with their needs. Correspondingly, we assist students in selecting the university by presenting all the details associated with including, ranking, course duration, departments, fees, payment system, scholarship, availability of the hostels, canteens, libraries thus and so we assist students to get the best in their preferences.


Application Assistance to Study MBBS in Georgia

Applying for the interested university is a long and complex process in terms of documentation, which incorporates all the important data other than application form that exhibits your academic as well as personal characteristics. We as a foreign education consultant help fill up the application form of the respective university as well as other foremost documents essential to be appended with the application form, including SOP (Statement of Purpose), RECO (Recommendation Letter), resume, etc. The mode of application is solely a student choice, online or postal sending we stand beside you in every phase of the application.


Document Editing Assistance

Preparing document is a most demanding task from the student perspective, determined through the experience and is a point where students get confounded. A knotty document has no potential to convey the university and perhaps be a reason for the ignorance. Such an ignorance of the application either delay process or a reason for not being accepted, whist a proper and professional documents can help university to easily judge the student without misled. We have assisted thousands of students in creating an application to study MBBS in Georgia as well as in profile creating, document checking and likely document editing in order to leave no single stone unturned and guarantee 100% application approval.


Application Review and Submission Assistance

For us students and their aspiration stand on the top and for that we go extra mile in everything we do, and our notable focus on the application and document is a one of them as all the possibility of getting a ticket to Georgia is relied on thereof. We as a foreign education consultant thoroughly review each and every paper of the application as well as documents ahead of submitting by standing with the students in order to ensure the provided information is correct and there is no error left in the documents.


SOP Assistance to Study MBBS in Georgia

Needless to say that SOP would be a new matter for the students and that is a reason students get stuck while trying to write SOP and seek for assistance. They may Google and try to write it, however, lack of experience turns it in a weak SOP, whereas it is a most decisive document from the university point of view. We as a foreign education consultant also help students in developing an SOP (statement of purpose, also reckoned as "Letter of Intent", "Statement of Intent", "Statement of Interest", "Goals Statement", "Personal Statement", "Personal Narrative" or "Application Essay"), we have an exclusive team of the SOP proficient who details you about the SOP and guides you all through to make the SOP stronger and impressive enough.

We believe SOP should be a living image of your personality so as can university judge only on the basis of what you are and therefore it is imperative to develop an SOP that describes “you”. In order to make the profile more you, we describe the SOP requirements thoroughly, like what to include and what not. A generic SOP is a set of student details like, purpose of selecting this medical college/ university, your background details, your goals, the career path, your academic progress, passion, objective, values, strengths, weaknesses and everything that describes you and accompanies you throughout to empower. At the end of the SOP, our skilled team of the SOP reviews and helps improve the area that does not convey adequately. Further, our team also works on the structure, style and grammar in order to make it the flawless in the respective terms.


Visa Assistance to Study MBBS in Georgia

Alas of failing even after reaching very near to the winning line is equally same as failing in the visa even after getting acceptance from the university, and hence proper attention towards the visa application is as crucial as university application. A proper guidance in regard can help you resolve all your queries associated with the visa application and rest you assured for the triumph. We understand the half way situation of our students and therefore we provide comprehensive service and support for the visa too.

Our adept team of the Visa helps students in every single phase of the visa application, be it apply for a visa, preparing financial records, preparing sets of the document as well as procure all the required details (financial certificates and sample bank statements) from the university to append with the visa application to study MBBS in Georgia. Moreover, we continually take follow up from the high commission or can say embassy to track the visa status and update you in regard until you get the visa to study MBBS in Georgia.


Our Visa Assistance Service Includes:
  • Visa Application
  • Preparing Student Questionnaire
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Study Plan
  • Letter of acceptance from respective university
  • Receipt of advanced fee pay
  • Bank statements and other financial docs
  • Medical Certificate

NOTE :- It is essential to pass a medical examination to get a student visa, which covers the physical check of eyes, nose, ears, heart, throat, lymph nodes, skin, extremity, external genitalia, X-ray of chest and blood. Passing the medical examination is obligatory in order to get the student visa; and we are not responsible to get rejected cause of encountering any deviation during the medical examination.


Visa Interview Assistance to Study MBBS in Georgia

We believe to give our 100% and one of the evident tasks is our visa interview assistance, wherein we prepare students for mock round, even though it is uncertain. The confidence other than answering questions is a determining to crack the interview and therefore we arrange several mock rounds to uplift the confidence of students and be enough presentable during the interview time and secure the ticket to study MBBS in Georgia. We know the set of questions generally asked in the interviews, and based on thereof have developed a list of quaternaries which covers, selection of country, university, academic plan, post graduation plans, financial status, etc as well as how to prepare oneself for a visa interview, how to identify the concern of visa officer and how to prove to that concern is one of the major sides on which work notably by conducting several mock interview rounds for practicing and honing the respective skill.