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Exclusive Services

Free counseling to Study MBBS in Georgia

Choose the Correct course, Correct College and Correct city with us A single decision can change the life of student, especially when it is a decision on college and hence student grapples on how to make a right decision that leads to success and rush to the immature counselors to know their thoughts in regard, resulted in misled. In order to prevent students from being misguide, we as a foreign education consultant has made our counseling absolutely free of cost and encourage students to approach us and reap the benefits of our experience and knowledge we hold associated with MBBS in Georgia. During the counseling, first we detail different courses, duration, instruction medium, accreditation and much more that is your concerned and thereafter we bottleneck the respective university based their requirements and budgetary constraints. Our expert guidance has helped thousands of students to select the right college and country at free of cost and experiencing the truly successful life, you also can avail our free counseling service and build a path towards success.


Loan / Finance Assistance to Study MBBS in Georgia

Thousands of students did not accomplish their dreams cause of facing neck-deep financial problems or lack of support or lack of information on how to avail the outer sources. We foreign education consultant understand the miserable situation of the thousands of students and indeed parents, therefore providing a loan / financial assistance to support them in all the ways that can make it possible for them to study MBBS in Georgia. We provide comprehensive information associated with finance to study MBBS in Georgia, which covers tuition fees, air tickets, and required fund to show the university and also different financial planning that can support them in regard. Further, we as a foreign education consultant has good association with the different banks that in addition ensure you prompt and smooth loan processing at the low interests. Besides that, our loan/ financial assistance team supports you in every single procedure, be it the application for the loan, preparing documents, knowing the interest rate, policies or eligibility criteria.


The student loan for MBBS in Georgia considers all the below mentioned expenses
  • Tuition fees & examination fees
  • Library, laboratory and hostel fees
  • Purchasing of books, medical instruments and uniform
  • Study tours, exchange programs and project work
  • Travelling cost, Caution money, refundable deposit, etc
List of documents required for student loan
  • Mark sheet for last qualifying examination for school and graduate studies in India
  • Proof of admission to the course
  • Schedule of expenses for the course
  • Copy of letter confirming scholarship, if any
  • Copy of Foreign Exchange permit (if available)
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Statement of borrower’s bank account for last six months
  • Income Tax assessment order not older than two years
  • Brief statement of Borrowers Assets and Liabilities
  • If not a customer of the lending bank provide proof of identity and residence


Scholarship Guidance

Scholarship is an opportunity that scholars can avail to pay their own education and Georgia is the country that provides a good amount of scholarship to the students who fits within the eligibility criteria of the respective university. The solemn purpose of the country for providing the scholarship is to encourage students to get better knowledge and career at the end of the course and hence has proposed different types of scholarship for international students too. There is no any religion or nationality constraint subject to the scholarship and hence any student can avail the benefits of this scholarship. We foreign education consultant in India aware about the types of the scholarship, including college specific, student specific, career specific, merit based and promote them in every procedure, be it, apply for scholarship, filling, document preparation, reviewing and submitting in order to secure one for them.


Travel Assistance to study MBBS in Georgia

The unknown place creates anxiety, especially in students as they are travelling first time and to convert their anxiety into serenity, our foreign education consultant provides complete travel assistance to make the leap into the unknown world absolutely inviting experience. We help students booking flight tickets at discounted rates as well as help select the airlines that can give you better discounts for heavy baggage. Further, we are connected with the several travel agents at the Georgia, who provides pick up and drop service from the airport to the respective hotel or university upon the arrival. Other than, we also provide a guidebook and map that can help you in exploring unknown areas of the Georgia with confidence and joy.


Passport Assistance to Study MBBS in Georgia

A Passport is one of the substantial documents that a student requires to show their legal citizenship of respective country that asks other nations permission for you to cross the borders and become a part of the other nation as a visitor, student or permanent or temporary resident. And hence student willing to study MBBS in Georgia also needs to possess a passport, students who do not have, required to apply for the passport, which generally takes four to six weeks for the passport processing, whilst expedited processing helps student get a passport within two weeks. Further, students who have passport must be valid through study and past 6 months of the end date of the study, and if not they require to apply for the passport renewal which takes hardly 2 to 3 days for issuing passport. We as a foreign education consultant are familiar with the passport procedure and requirements and leveraging on the same assist students in all procedural formalities, be it for a new passport or re new passport and thusly make the procedure seamless


List of Passport Requirements
  • Fresh Form filled and signed
  • Four color photos with white background passport size
  • Copy birth certificate duly self attested
  • Copy of two residence proofs duly self attested are required like: Telephone bill, Electricity Bill, Voter Id card, UID card.
  • Rental Agreement/Lease-deed
  • Driving License
  • Gas Connection Proof
  • Passbook of any nationalized bank


Pre Departure Briefing

There is a lot to consider when travelling to another country in order to make the journey seamless, however the misery of going far from the family in a completely unknown world tends student to forget many among. We as a foreign education consultant comprehend situation of the students and where they get baffled and therefore help a pre departure briefing session, wherein our experts are all set to answer each question that is bothering students as well as provide thorough information about country, culture, how to adapt the culture, how to deal with homesickness, how to deal with medical or other emergencies and thusly help stimulate confidence of the students to start study in Georgia without any fret. In this session, students are free to ask any question associated with study MBBS in Georgia and includes talks by experts, sessions with immigration officials, session with former students from the country, and chance to socialize with fellow students so as one can make friend ahead they get to the Georgia.